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Sayed is now a recognised health practitioner

Sayed is a 26 year old refugee from Afghanistan who worked as a doctor in his home country. After finding refuge in Australia, Sayed was determined to become recognised as a health professional in Australia. This included studying for and passing his Australian medical exams. After this though, he still required further on-the-job training, to gain a better understanding of the Australian Healthcare system. 

Supported by BUSY At Work’s Workforce Australia Employment Services in Browns Plains, Sayed had access to financial assistance. He requested funding of $2,500 in May 2023 (as part of the Employment Fund available) to pay for an observership opportunity with the 2023 Northern Health Transition to Practice Program.

Observerships are programs that some hospitals around Australia run for International Medical Graduates (IMG). They allow an IMG to shadow in different departments and become familiar with the Australian Healthcare system.

Upon completion of the two-month program, Sayed was offered employment and he now has financial security for himself and his family. With the Australian health care system needing skilled health practitioners, this is a win for Australia as well!

Sayed said, “I’m an overseas trained doctor and after I passed my medical exams in Australia, I needed financial assistance to do more training and I contacted BUSY At Work.

“I did two months of observership in a hospital and after this, I was offered employment. It was financial assistance when I needed it the most!

“My plans now are to do further development in my field (medicine), specialise in a specific pathway, and serve Australians.”

When asked what he would say to other job seekers looking for support, Sayed said “BUSY At Work are here to support you. Please try and seek their help and support for your future plans.”

Find out more about BUSY At Work’s Workforce Australia Employment Services, and how it assists job seekers to find meaningful employment and financial independence.

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