Self Employment Assistance Workshops

Self Employment Assistance Workshops

Exploring Self-Employment Workshops

BUSY At Work offer funded places in Exploring Self-Employment Workshops. 

The workshop will help you:

  • Understand what’s involved in starting a business.
    You have the idea, now what are the next steps? From assessing the viability of your idea to learning what is legally required in Australia to start your business.

  • Work with others, meet people and network your business ideas.
    Connect to the right people and markets that can help your business get off the ground. 

  • Generate or validate a business idea into a real world business plan.
    Having a business plan will give you a clearer idea of your steps forward, how to measure them, improve and finesse your business for success.

  • Make an informed decision about whether self-employment is right for you.
    Understanding what it takes to start a business, some of the challenges and rewards will help you decide if it’s right for you right now. 

  • Speak with established business operators: find out what is involved in running a business.
    Hear from others and learn first hand what some of the challenges and rewards are – and get some great tips!

  • Start-up Essentials: steps involved to start up, business structure, awareness of key legal, insurance, tax, and financial record keeping.
    Make sure all your paperwork is in order to legally operate a business in Australia. 

  • Going Digital: the importance of having online presence and identifying a suitable medium.
    Learn how to use social media, website and online advertising to leverage your brand awareness and business results.

  • Branding and Marketing: developing a brand, marketing and the value of your business to the consumer.
    Refine and position your brand and products to reach the correct markets. 


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