Corporate Solutions


Corporate tailored solutions for your business.

Our Corporate Solutions team work with leading corporate organisations to develop strategic workforce plans and corporate community engagement strategies that are valuable for both the community and your business. 

We work in partnership with large organisations to create tailored programs that are seen as best practice for a sustainable and productive workforce. We know that know business is the same, and we understand that these large programs need to be reshaped to meet the needs of different business and industries. 

Our corporate partners include leading gas company QGC Pty Ltd who have generated the Strengthening Local Workforces Program to attract 200 apprentices and trainees into careers outside the CSG industry. QGC wanted to make sure vital services remain strong in the areas in which the company operates and is investing in local skills development to help address the impact its projects has on local labour markets.

Workforce Development

BUSY At Work has an entire Employment Development team who are specialists in providing workforce development solutions to support your organisation goals and strategy. We ensure that the support we provide is designed specifically for your business and its employees.

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