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The 5 industries for careers right now

The 5 industries for careers right now

Healthcare is one of Australia's top five industries for job growth.

If you have recently or are going to leave school this year, or are simply looking for a change in career, you may be wondering what industry can offer you the most stable and sustainable job options.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of an industry is an important part of deciding how to position yourself for a lucrative and long-lasting career.

There are many options available to individuals hoping to enter a new industry for the first time. For example, even those without any previous qualifications in the sector can undergo an apprenticeship or traineeship to develop the necessary skills. To help you decide what industry to invest your career in, here are the top five industries expected to experience job growth this year.


In our increasingly technology-reliant world, it is unsurprising that businesses are turning to connected devices and networks in growing numbers. Technology is an important industry to consider as there are many channels through which an individual could find employment.

This includes working as an in-house IT specialist within a business, or taking on an engineering role in factories across Australia.


As the population grows and ages, demand for healthcare professionals will only continue to increase. Filling the necessary skills within this industry will require a significant investment in training and supporting an expanding workforce.

According to employment advisor One Shift, the healthcare sector is expected to create more than 180,000 new jobs by 2019 to accommodate the health needs of Australia’s ageing population.


After the federal budget announced increased investment in infrastructure across Australia, it is clear that construction is an industry expected to remain strong over many years. The most stable and sustainable jobs may be found in civil construction, however residential house building activity is also expected to increase significantly due to the rising population numbers.


Taking on a traineeship in tourism could be a wise investment as global research firm Deloitte forecasts this sector to grow by more than 10 per cent over the next two decades.

As an increasing number of visitors land on Australian shores, the industry will require a huge number of skilled and passionate individuals to fill a range of roles.


Agriculture is already one of Australia’s largest employing sectors and, according to Deloitte, is expected to retain that title. Research has shown that global food demand will rise by nearly 60 million people over the next 20 years, which will increase the amount of workers needed to match activity and output.

If you’ve been thinking about changing careers, or are just wondering what industry would be the best for your first step into the labour force, you can take our Harrison Career Assessment to find out what career path is most suitable for you.

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