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Top in-demand jobs for the future

Engineering professionals will be in top demand in the future.

As society changes, so does the workforce, meaning some jobs are likely to become defunct over time.

To better prepare yourself for career and industry changes it is a good idea to take into consideration what professions will be in-demand in the future.

Whether you want to upskill your existing abilities to better equip yourself for a long-lasting and successful career, or you are looking at a complete job change, identifying areas of growth will better position you for the future.

Despite falling Chinese demand in Australian resources, the mining sector will still be a booming industry for a long time to come and a skills shortage in this sector has been speculated about for some time now.

If you want to ensure guaranteed employment in the future take a look at anything related to engineering, particularly process engineering, systems engineering, civil engineering and mining engineering and maintenance.

Surveying positions and rail and maritime transport jobs have also been identified as high growth professions.

White collar professionals in the following areas are also tipped to be in hot demand: quality assurance and control, policy, planning and regulation, insurance and superannuation law, intellectual development and corporate development.

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