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Uranium mining committee releases findings

Uranium mining committee releases findings

Uranium mining is back on the cards in Queensland.

The re-establishment of uranium mining in Queensland is one step closer, after an independent committee delivered its findings in a comprehensive report yesterday (March 18).

Natural resources and mines minister Andrew Cripps said the Uranium Mining Implementation Committee outlined 40 recommendations into the development of a uranium industry, which will help to establish a best-practice framework within the sector.

“This morning I presented the report to the premier and my cabinet colleagues, and the state government will now review and consider the committee’s recommendations,” Mr Cripps commented.

The minister went on to say that uranium mining will inject billions of dollars into the state’s economy and boost job opportunities for Indigenous employment.

“This industry will also open the door for Indigenous Queenslanders to benefit from economic opportunities, including better access to training and jobs,” Mr Cripps explained.

The committee’s findings include recommendations about issues such as environmental management and protection, economic and community development, the safe transportation of uranium and health and safety guidelines.

One of the proposed suggestions was also the application of a five per cent royalty regime to uranium, with this figure likely to increase at a later date.

Queensland is believed to hold an estimated $10 billion worth of uranium deposits.

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