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What questions should you ask when interviewing a new apprentice?

When it comes to hiring a new apprentice, there are a number of different steps you have to take.

One of the most immediate is finding the right avenue to reach potential apprentices. Apprenticeship Central is one option – it is the only website in Australia which directly connects registered employers with potential apprentices.

Apprenticeship Central also has a range of resources designed to help you get the most from your search for a job applicant. These range from position building resources to frequently asked questions which arise during the apprenticeship process.

Once you have taken these steps and begun to find a number of potential apprentices, the next task is to begin the recruitment process. This stage is among the most vital for an employer, as it will help to understand exactly how a new hire will fit into your company and the existing skills they can offer.

To help you get the right candidate for your business, here are four common areas you might want to cover in your next interview.

Industry knowledge

People looking to work for your company should be able to demonstrate at least a basic knowledge of your industry. Asking them about the type of work they expect to be undertaking and the different challenges they think are facing your business is an easy way to make sure that you are getting the right candidate.

Career aspirations

Understanding what is motivating a potential apprentice can be a great way to discover exactly the sort of long-term ideas they have in mind. Applicants who have a clear career direction will be more likely to commit entirely to their apprenticeship, reducing the chance that they drop out before completion.

Background experience

When you are hiring young apprentices, it can be unreasonable to expect the same level of experience which might come from an established employer. However, it is still worthwhile asking them about their experiences, as many will have worked on school projects and hobbies which will give an insight into their working style.

Do they have any questions?

Almost every interview, whether for an apprenticeship or regular position, will end by asking the candidate if they have any questions. While this question can often trip up would-be employees, it can also offer them an opportunity to demonstrate their enthusiasm and interest in the role.

As an interviewer, it also pays to be on your toes at this point. While the end of the interview might be when your attention is waning, it is also the time when you have to think on your feet and answer any questions which arise from the interview.

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