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Why is a position description important?

When it comes to hiring new staff or apprentices, it pays to get each stage right from the beginning. Unfortunately, some companies will see creating a job description as a chore that distracts from other parts of the recruitment process.

However, an accurate job description can be one of the most important features of a successful hiring process. If you are unsure where to begin, here are three reasons why a strong position description is a vital consideration when taking on an apprentice.

Attract the right candidates

Encouraging the right people to show an interest in your apprenticeship is the best way to ensure you are interviewing candidates who are suitable for the job. It can, however, be challenging to connect with these individuals when promoting the position using a vague or misleading job description.

The solution is to be up-front and transparent about the position you are advertising and the responsibilities that come with it. Without this level of openness, it will be difficult to get an employee with the right attitude and approach.

Provide material for an interview

One of the most important aspects of an interview is to judge how much a potential worker has prepared and is ready for their future work. Whether they have taken the time to understand the job description is a great indication of this – someone who hasn’t taken the time to read the position summary probably isn’t committed to working for you.

On the other hand, if a potential apprentice can show that they have understood your job description, then it is more likely that they will be dedicated to your business and willing to learn from you.

Set up the rest of an apprenticeship

Perhaps the most crucial reason to get a strong job description is the ability to then set up the future of your apprenticeship. A good position blurb will give some insight into how your company works and the sort of culture you have built.

A strong job summary will also provide the responsibilities and tasks that an apprentice needs to complete, giving them insight into what to expect when working for the company.

For businesses that are looking to take on an apprentice, make sure to register with Apprenticeship Central.

Apprenticeship Central is a free resource that offers employers a range of resources to help them find the right apprentice. As well as containing a wide range of potential employees from across Australia, this website also has a position builder which helps you hire an apprentice who fits your needs.

With such simple tools, Apprenticeship Central can ensure that you have the best possible employees for your needs.

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