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Zoe Fights Her Way Back to Work

Ask any job seeker and they will tell you that you need to remain confident, in spite of any knockbacks you might face along the way. This was certainly the case for Zoe, who had been struggling mentally after a number of rejections. She knew she needed support to keep up the search and decided to seek help from BUSY At Work’s Transition to Work program.

“When I first met Zoe, she was extremely shy and really scared just to even be in my office,” recalls Transition to Work Business Manager, Lucy Douglas-Denton. “It’s tough when you’re looking for jobs and you’ve been rejected many times.”

Lucy knew that the best way to help Zoe was to rebuild her confidence, so she enrolled her in the GLOVES Program. Combining physical fitness and mental health strategies, the GLOVES Program (which stands for Growth, Learning, Opportunity, Vitality, Employment, and Sustainability) is designed to help young people build confidence and become work ready.

“We all know how important exercise is for both mental and physical well-being,” explains Glenda McDonald,a practitioner at the GLOVES Program. “Boxing helps with confidence because of the physicality of it, and of course the mind and body is connected, so it helps the mind feel stronger as well.”

It wasn’t long before Zoe’s mood lifted, and the smile came back to her face. And just before the GLOVES program finished, Zoe secured a position at Baker’s Delight.

“I’ve definitely become more confident, which is great!” says Zoe. “I would recommend this program to anyone who is struggling at the moment in terms of looking for a job.”

Zoe is also loving her role at Baker’s Delight. “The best part about working at Baker’s Delight is learning new skills, engaging with all the customers and meeting new people.”

Glenda says the GLOVES program is all about empowering people and working with employment consultants, like Lucy, to help young people change their lives. Her message to other young job seekers is to look for different ways to engage with the world. “Sometimes you might not see a direct relationship between what you’re doing and the outcome, but there’s all sorts of side benefits that come from that.”

Watch Zoe’s journey into work through the Transition to Work program.

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