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25,000 workers needed for Queensland mining projects

25,000 workers needed for Queensland mining projects

The Queensland mining sector needs thousands of employees over the next few years.

More than 25,000 graduates, tradespeople and machine operators are required to fill jobs in Queensland over the next three years to ensure the state’s resource sector continues to boom, one expert has revealed.

Derek Hunter, of skills research company Kinetic Group, said despite recent job cuts in the public sector, employment opportunities were abundant in the Sunshine State.

Queensland remains one of the most lucrative areas of the country, turning over high profit due to the large amount of mining investment in the state.

On top of the billion-dollar Alpha Coal Project which was given the tick of approval last week, there are about 20 other resource developments – equating to more than $64 billion in investment.

“If you stop looking at the headlines and look at what the activity in the industry is right now, it’s as high if not higher than it has ever been,” Mr Hunter told The Morning Bulletin.

BHP Billiton’s Caval Ridge and Daunia mines are major projects already underway – generating 2,450 positions during the construction and operation phases.

Mr Hunter said the employment situation in Queensland was anything but dire, with more than 13,000 machine operators, 7,000 tradies and 6,000 graduates required to work in the resource sector by 2015.

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