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3 ways to retain your newly qualified apprentices and trainees

Apprenticeships and traineeships involve hard work and commitment from both the individual and the employer over a period of several years. During this time, a good rapport is likely to have built up between the two, and many people are keen to stay with the organisation they trained under.

However, recent statistics have shown that even the most loyal employees may get itchy feet. The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) revealed 46 per cent of people in the country are looking to switch jobs in 2015.

Once an employee has passed their apprenticeship or traineeship and gained a qualification, they may consider looking around for other opportunities. So what can you do if you’re keen to retain your newly skilled employee?

Recent research from Hudson Australia and AIM has highlighted a number of key priorities for jobseekers this year. This article will outline three ways you could keep hold of your best staff.

1. Offer flexibility

A good work-life balance is top of the list for most Australians this year, with 70 per cent of respondents to a Hudson survey citing it as their main objective when looking for a new job.

“No longer just a buzz term or the domain of the working mum, work-life balance is now fundamental to all Australian professionals and will be firmly on the agenda as we move throughout 2015,” said Dean Davidson, Hudson executive general manager.

Offering a recently qualified apprentice or trainee flexible working arrangements can be a challenge, particularly for those working in the trades. Nonetheless, it may be worth considering whether there is any scope to offer alternative start or finish times or time off in lieu, depending on the role.

Any flexibility is likely to be appreciated, especially among older apprentices and trainees who have childcare obligations or other family responsibilities.

2. Provide new challenges

Earlier this year, AIM research revealed the reason the majority of staff gave for seeking new job opportunities was a lack of challenging work in their existing role.

Now that your apprentice or trainee is fully qualified, it is a great time to provide them with additional responsibilities to keep them motivated and learning new skills.

3. Let them lead

Career progression and new training opportunities were the driving factors for 58 per cent of people who wanted to leave their current position, according to the Hudson data.

One way of giving your newly qualified employees a chance to shine is by letting them lead a team. In fact, you can put them in charge of hiring and managing the next apprentice you recruit.

When hiring your new apprentice and trainees, take advantage of the resources and information available at Apprenticeship Central. Once registered, you will have access to a range of services that offer an easy way to find and hire Australian apprentices and trainees.

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