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4 key tips to prepare for your apprenticeship interview

Whether you’re applying for your first job or you have a number of interviews already under your belt, there are still likely to be some nerves involved when you’re trying to convince a potential employer to hire you as an apprentice.

The good news is that if you’ve got as far as an interview, you know the company is interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, you should be able to seal the deal with a bit of preparation and planning.

This article will give you four things to keep in mind when interviewing for an apprenticeship. However, if you are still on the lookout for an appropriate apprenticeship or traineeship, please sign up at Apprenticeship Central to access our comprehensive database of available placements near you.

Without further ado, check out these tips for impressing your next potential employer:

1. Arrive at a reasonable time

Everyone should know that showing up late for an interview is one of the biggest mistakes to make if you’re looking to make a good impression. However, you might not realise that turning up too early can also be a problem.

Employers can be busy people, so interrupting their day when they’re not ready for you may not be welcomed. Instead, aim to arrive approximately 10 minutes early.

2. Dress appropriately

Finding the right attire for an apprenticeship interview can be tricky, as there is a broad range of professions you could be applying for.

A traditional business suit may be too formal if you’re interviewing for a trades position, but you don’t want to arrive underdressed either. If in doubt, you can contact the employer and ask.

3. Do your research

Take the time to research the company thoroughly so that you can dazzle your interviewer with your knowledge of the firm’s history, culture and business goals. Displaying a genuine interest in the organisation is always an excellent way of showing your motivation for the role.

You should also make sure you know everything there is to know about the apprenticeship itself and what you hope to achieve by completing the placement.

4. Prepare questions

Rather than seeing the interview as a one-way street, try to create a friendly dialogue with your interviewer by asking questions about the apprenticeship and the company.

However, try to avoid focusing on issues such as holiday entitlements or pay dates as this can appear self-serving.

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