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4 reasons why you may not have heard back after your interview

If you’ve just interviewed for an apprenticeship or traineeship, it means you’ve almost made it through the application process and may be about to land yourself a new job.

Waiting to hear back from the company can be torturous, with your mind constantly replaying all of the things you could have done better during the interview.

As the days pass, you may be wondering why you’ve not been contacted – particularly if the employer gave you an idea of when they’d be in touch and this deadline has been and gone.

Here are some of the most common reasons a firm may be taking their time in reaching out to let you know whether or not you’ve been successful in your application.

1. You didn’t get the job

It’s best to get the worst-case scenario out of the way first. You may not have got the job and while most employers should get in touch to let you know after coming in for an interview, this could take some time.

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2. A slow recruitment process

Some companies have complicated and bureaucratic recruitment practices, which means approving a new hire can take time. Alternatively, they may have interviewed a lot of people for the position.

Contact the firm for a quick status update if you’ve not heard back by the specified date, although try not to pester them too much. If you’re successful, it’s unlikely they’ll forget to let you know!

3. They’ve lost your contact info

The organisation may have misplaced your contact details or perhaps someone at the firm dialled the wrong number and gave up after they couldn’t get through.

Ensure your applications clearly outline several different ways to get in touch, including home and mobile phone numbers, email addresses and social media accounts.

4. It’s between you and a couple of others

There’s a chance that you’ve made it down to the last few candidates and it’s almost too close to call. If the organisation lets you know you’ve made it this far, you don’t have to sit back and wait.

Consider sending through additional materials to support your application, such as previous work, references or a quick email emphasising how passionate you are about the position.

It may also be worth preparing for a follow-up interview, as the company could request that you come in again if they’re really struggling to make a final decision.

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