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5 benefits of choosing a career in IT

Technology advances have a huge impact on businesses and consumers across the world, enabling them to work faster, with more accuracy and from remote locations.

As information technology (IT) becomes increasingly integrated into everyday life, the opportunities available to those who have the skills and qualifications to operate such systems have expanded. This is why finding an IT traineeship may be an excellent choice if you have an interest in computers.

If you would like to learn more about the IT profession, Apprenticeship Central offers Industry Resource Packages that cover this and many other sectors in Australia. The site can also show you which IT traineeships are available in your area and allow you to get in touch with employers directly.

Still weighing up your options? Here are just a few of the benefits you can gain from a career in IT:

1. High demand

Statistics from recruitment specialist SEEK show that 10.7 per cent of all jobs posted on the company’s site last year were for information and communications technology positions. Given the growing importance of IT to many organisations, it’s likely demand for qualified staff will continue to rise.

2. Respected profession

Working in IT is a well-respected job, with 95 per cent of Australian parents saying they would support their child’s career choice if they were interested in the industry. Eighty per cent of mums and dads wanted digital skills and computer programming taught in primary and secondary school.

3. Good salary expectations

While there is a huge range of potential roles available to those with IT qualifications, it’s typically acknowledged that people in the industry earn a good salary. The average weekly wage of an IT or systems analyst, for example, is $1,678 per week before tax, according to Australian government figures.

4. Growth opportunities

The world of IT is always changing, which provides exciting opportunities for you to constantly update your skills and work on different projects that take advantage of new technologies. IT also offers good career progression and the chance to move sideways into many sectors.

5. Variety

Whether you’re a consultant, network technician, help desk assistant or other IT professional, there are many different potential roles. Would you prefer jobs with limited interaction with others or a team-based environment? Do you enjoy working from home or in the office? Are you software or hardware oriented? The choice is yours.

Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of what advantages an IT qualification could provide for your career. For more information, register with Apprenticeship Central and benefit from various tools and resources in relation to apprenticeships and traineeships.

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