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ACPET welcomes Great Skills. Real Opportunities initiative

ACPET welcomes Great Skills. Real Opportunities initiative

ACPET has backed the reforms of the five-year 'Great Skills. Real Opportunities' action plan.

The Queensland government’s recently released ‘Great Skills. Real Opportunities’ reform action plan is aimed at delivering a “strong economy and rewarding job opportunities”, with a number of changes to help Queenslanders get access to the skills training they need for employment.

The commencement of these reforms has been welcomed by the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET).

“Reform is vital for the health of training in Queensland and the commencement of the ‘Certificate III Guarantee’ is an important step forward in achieving real training sector reforms in Queensland,” said ACPET chief executive officer Claire Field.

This Certificate III Guarantee gives eligible Queenslanders access to a government-subsidised training place, up to and including their first certificate III level qualification in priority training areas.

Those pursuing apprenticeships in Queensland are set to benefit from these reforms, as well as Year 12 graduates who will be given an extra incentive to enrol in high priority qualifications. If they begin working with a preferred training provider within a year of leaving school, they will be offered fee-free training.

Ms Field adds that ACPET continues to support the rollout of skills reforms across the country.

“An entitlement to training and allowing students to choose who they study with is revolutionising the training sector, meeting the needs of individual and enterprise needs,” she said.

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