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Up to 11,000 reasons to take a new bricklaying apprentice with Brickstart Bonus

Apprentice Bricklayer
Apprentice Bricklayer

In addition to current incentives available to employers of apprentices, including the Australian Government’s Boosting Apprenticeships Commencements subsidy, the Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation (ABBTF) is providing an additional $3,000 Brickstart Subsidy – specifically for employers of bricklaying apprentices.

Act now as these incentives don’t last forever

What’s more, if you choose to employ a bricklaying apprentice through a registered GTO, you will still qualify for ABBTF’s Brickstart Subsidy!

No other construction trade provides Support Funding for the development of its industry’s apprenticeship program. This unique offer is made possible from a combined small levy on the sale of bricks, matched by funds from brick and block manufacturers. To find out more go to ABBTF website.

*eligibility criteria always applies.

BUSY At Work have excellent relations with the construction industry and are strong advocates for employers to take on apprentices in our traditional trades. Bricklaying is listed on the National Skills Needs List which identifies traditional trades that are recognised as experiencing a national skills shortage. The list is based on detailed labour market research and analysis.

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