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Addressing Youth Crime: BUSY At Work’s Collaborative Approach in Townsville

Young female in hoodie leans against graffiti wall.
Young female in hoodie leans against graffiti wall.

With a reputation for supporting young people and local communities, BUSY At Work proudly announces the establishment of its dedicated Youth and Community Services team. One of the first areas of focus, in Townsville, centres on the Queensland Government’s Targeted Responses to Youth Crime Grants. The initiative aims to leverage local partnerships and stakeholder engagement to address the community’s specific needs in preventing youth crime.

Our approach began with comprehensive consultations with key figures in the youth justice sector. We engaged with several organisations, including Mercy Community, Uniting Care Queensland, 54 Reasons, Queensland Youth Services, Mission Australia, Legal Aid Queensland, Mind Australia and Queensland Police. These face-to-face discussions were pivotal for introducing BUSY’s proposed project and discussing the youth justice grant. They laid the foundation for solid collaborative relationships and shared goals.

The response from these sessions was encouraging, with several service providers showing an interest in forming a project reference group. This participation is vital to our project’s successful execution and ongoing evaluation, ensuring that it aligns with the community’s needs.

In our commitment to inclusivity, we extended our outreach to the local First Nations community. We hosted a consultation at our Aitkenvale office, which saw attendance from 21 individuals. This gathering was a crucial step in confirming the cultural relevance of our project for First Nations participants. The insights gathered will significantly influence our project design and grant application.

At BUSY, we are dedicated to not only consulting but actively partnering with the First Nations community for the project’s co-design, subject to the grant’s approval. This partnership aims for more than just dialogue; it focuses on collaboration and ensuring that our solutions are culturally sensitive and beneficial.

This initiative in Townsville reflects BUSY’s dedication to tackling the challenges that young people face. We do this through collaborative and community-led solutions. By closely working with local service providers and the community, our objective is to create impactful projects that foster the positive development of young people. We look forward to the continued support of and partnership with the Townsville community.

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