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Advance Queensland Summit furthers ties between Australia and Asia

The growing trade relationships between Australian and its Asian counterparts are beginning to show their value to Queensland, and these will be further strengthened in the Advance Queensland Summit set to take place in late April.

The recent announcement of overseas investment in a Gold Coast tourism development shows just how important it is to sustain these relationships and how they can grow apprenticeship opportunities if given the right support. With the slogan “Jobs now, jobs for the future”, the Advance Queensland Summit is the perfect opportunity to create further avenues for employment throughout the state.

Innovation is becoming more and more important to businesses across the globe. In this respect, the Summit will seek to ensure Australian businesses and their employees have access to the resources necessary to remain competitive.

International guests shape summit lineup

The Advance Queensland Summit is intended not just to be a meeting of the best and brightest within the state, but from international regions as well. With the digital revolution meaning many companies are now competing globally with greater ease, it’s important that summits such as this are open to an international audience.

Fresh from a recent trip to Hong Kong, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is opening the invite to entrepreneurs from the country. The inspiration for this announcement is Hong Kong’s bustling startup scene which is facilitated by state-of-the-art technology parks.

The Premier noted that these establishments are a key factor of Hong Kong’s economic success, and something that Queenslanders could attempt to replicate.

“When you look at the Science and Technology Parks established in Hong Kong, they are designed to encourage and facilitate greater collaboration between scientific research, industry and entrepreneurs to deliver greater commercialisation outcomes,” she explained.

“The Advance Queensland Innovation and Investment Summit will build on the traction made by the Advance Queensland program and by adding expertise from established Hong Kong entrepreneurs we can provide important insights into Asian markets.”

By opening up its doors to foreign investment, the Sunshine State can begin to encourage more construction developments in the private sector, and important source of apprenticeships in Queensland.

By Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator

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