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Are you ready for your new recruit’s first day?

Hiring a new apprentice or trainee requires good organisation and communication with the parties involved, including training organisations, Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers and applicants.

Once you’ve chosen an apprentice or trainee, you’ll still need to ensure everything is in place to make their first day as stress-free as possible. Remember, this may be the only job some new recruits have ever had.

Visit Apprenticeship Central for more information on facilitating the process of recruiting an apprentice or trainee. There are FAQs, Industry Resource Packages and a range of other tools and features designed to make your search for a qualified candidate successful.

Recent research from OfficeTeam, a division of recruitment firm Robert Half, revealed 54 per cent of workers said a mishap occurred on their first day because employers hadn’t prepared properly.

“Many companies focus so much on information-sharing during an onboarding process that they may overlook basic practical needs, such as making sure that a workstation is up and running for the employee,” said Executive Director of OfficeTeam Robert Hosking.

“Every touchpoint during those first days adds to the new staff member’s perception of the organisation, so the more you can do to ensure everything runs smoothly, the more positive that impression will be.”

Here are some of the most common problems new starters face when beginning a new job.

Technology issues

The highest proportion (33 per cent) of respondents to the OfficeTeam survey highlighted IT or tech issues as a hurdle on their first day. This could include providing new employees with the right tools for the job – from digital devices to work email addresses.

Supplies not provided

Over one-fifth (22 per cent) of employees don’t receive the necessary supplies to perform their job when they arrive. Whether it’s pens, notepads and other stationery or the tools needed to carry out a trade, companies should make sure their new employees are immediately ready for action.

Unaware of company policies

Some businesses appear to be guilty of failing to inform incoming staff about the company’s history and policies. Sixteen per cent of people said this was an issue on their first day, which could cause problems down the line if employees breach rules they weren’t aware existed.

Not introduced to colleagues

For 15 per cent of new starters, employers forgot or neglected to introduce them to co-workers on their first day. A similar amount (14 per cent) weren’t given a tour of their new surroundings. Companies that hope to boost retention rates of apprentices and trainees may therefore want to make the workplace more inclusive and sociable. In trades employment in particular, there is also a potential safety boost from helping a new recruit adapt to their environment.

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