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Are you struggling to find workers with the right skills?

Lady teachy group of stufents new skills in a outdoor classroom
Lady teachy group of stufents new skills in a outdoor classroom

Stop Skills Shortages Now – Invest in Apprentices & Trainees

One of the key benefits of hiring apprentices and trainees is that you can build a talent pipeline within your organisation to prevent skills shortages in the future.

Many businesses often have difficulties finding candidates with the right qualifications for crucial positions, which can lead to performance issues across departments.

A construction worker on a worksite

“More professionals are convinced that the buoyant job market is here to stay.”

The 2016 Hays Global Skills Index emphasised this trend earlier this month. The research found that Australian employers are reporting a mismatch between the skills that unemployed people have and the skills that employers desire in candidates they wish to hire.

Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, said there are multiple sectors where the needs of organisations are simply not being met.

“As it takes time to undertake the training necessary to work in these industries, it makes them more vulnerable to skill shortages since the number of people qualified to start work cannot be changed quickly,” he explained.

Is your business considering apprenticeships and traineeships to fill the gaps in your workforce? BUSY At Work’s Apprenticeship Central website provides a range of tools and resources that can assist you in identifying and securing the ideal candidates for your needs.

Australian companies battling brain drain

Retention may be another factor weighing on employers in the current economic climate. A July report from Hudson Australia showed that while businesses are keen to hire – despite confusing economic and political indicators – staff appear eager to leave their current job.

According to the data, 44 per cent of people said they were proactively looking to switch roles, up from just 26 per cent late last year. Nearly one-third said they would consider new opportunities that arose, leaving only 24 per cent of respondents who are happy in their current position.

The skills gap in working - man fixing a car

“More professionals are convinced that the buoyant job market is here to stay, and are considering how they can build their career in this environment,” said Dean Davidson, Executive General Manager of Hudson Australia in Australia and New Zealand.

“This should sound alarm bells for employers, who will need to redouble their retention efforts and be ready to manage an uptick in staff departures.”

Building Your Dream Team: How Apprenticeships Keep Top Talent

Finding the right people to fill important jobs can be tricky. Sometimes, even with a stack of resumes, it’s hard to find someone who has the exact skills you need. That’s where apprenticeships and traineeships come in! These programs allow you to train promising young people from the ground up, teaching them the specific skills your company needs.

Here’s the best part: once these apprentices and trainees finish their training and earn their qualifications, guess what? Many of them will want to stick around and keep working for you! They’ve already learned the ropes and feel comfortable in your company culture. This means you’re not just filling a skills gap, you’re building a loyal team that’s invested in your company’s success. It’s like having a built-in talent pool – you train them, they become experts, and everyone wins!

By Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator

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