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Brisbane airport upgrade

Brisbane airport upgrade

Brisbane Airport's international terminal is getting an impressive upgrade.

The Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has invested $45 million into a redevelopment of Brisbane Airport’s international terminal.

Featuring input from local architects and artists, the proposed upgrade is forecast to set a new ‘global standard in terminal interior design’.

Those looking for construction apprenticeships in Brisbane will need to get in quick as construction is expected to commence in February 2014. Completion is scheduled for mid-2015.

“Most airport terminals are alike, no matter where you are in the world. Few have a real sense of the destination and community they serve. Brisbane is about to break that mould at set a new world-best standard for terminal design,” BAC CEO and Managing Director Julieanne Alroe said in a January 4 media release.

Ms Alroe believes that once construction has finished, the Brisbane international terminal will be the most impressive and unique in Australia.

“It will be something locals will be proud of and visitors will fondly remember.”

The project has already created many local employment opportunities, including in construction, engineering and architecture.

Specifically, local architect firm Richards and Spence and Arkhefield was chosen to lead the design on the upgrade.

“We wanted the International Terminal to feel like it couldn’t be anywhere other than Brisbane, so it was important for us to engage local expertise in Richard and Spence and Arkhefield because they understand Brisbane and have been responsible for developing a new a very contemporary take on the Queensland architectural style,” Ms Alroe said.

The local flair used to complete this project is also encouraging for those hoping to complete construction or design apprenticeships in Queensland in future years.

This upgrade has been hailed as flagship development and is expected to influence future projects in this and other airports across the state.

Currently, the Brisbane airport precinct is undergoing a high level of development activity, with more than 50 projects offering opportunities for employment in construction and engineering.

This work includes preparing the site for the $1.3 billion New Parallel Runway. Dredging and reclamation works are also underway 2km west of the existing runway in preparation of construction on a new 3.3km runway.

Construction of the New Parallel Runway is expected to create approximately 2,700 jobs in the area when the project reaches it peak in 2017.

“This is an exciting chapter in the growth and evolution of Brisbane and one of its most important economic and social enablers -the Brisbane Airport precinct,” Ms Alroe said.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator

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