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Brisbane port becoming more accessible

Transport projects are among the most important civil construction initiatives for big cities. Not only does this work provide a range of advantages for businesses working in the area, they also require specialised skills for their construction to go smoothly.

Brisbane’s port is soon to see the benefits that can come from these projects, with a recently announced initiative to improve access along the port’s road network. The planned upgrade for this major freight line will make the corridor easier and safer to use for port workers and transport companies who commute along this route.

The $110 million upgrade will see the upgrade of 3.2 kilometres of highway leading to the port of Brisbane. This funding will improve the current road into a dual carriageway.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson pointed to the value that these upgrades would add to the current motorway system, which has also recently undergone improvements.

“Last year we completed $385 million of works on the Port of Brisbane Motorway, extending lanes, constructing six bridges and eliminating a 90-degree bend for Port-bound traffic,” Mr Emerson said.

“This new upgrade will provide an improved and efficient connection to the motorway, getting truckies and port workers home safe to their families and reducing congestion for consumer and agriculture goods coming in and out 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Traffic to the port is also growing substantially, with 4 per cent annual growth in container traffic along this route. Already this route is serving 1.1 million containers annually, along with 2,500 commuters every day.

New jobs a big part of this project

While this new road will primarily serve the needs of those moving to and from the port, over the next few years there will also be a considerable benefit for those seeking employment in Brisbane.

The project is expected to create 400 positions during the construction phase, with these focussed on vital skill areas like civil construction.

For those looking to pursue a career in civil construction, it is likely that you will need to complete an apprenticeship or traineeship in order to enter this profession. This skills learnt in this course of study will be vital for this sort of work and can help set you up for long-term success.

Work is expected to begin on these road works next year, with intersection upgrades planned for Kite Street, Port Drive, Osprey Drive and Tanker Street, along with the construction of the dual carriageways.

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