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Dylan’s Looking to Build his Future through a PaTH Internship

Dylan Wheatley setting up formwork for Concreting
Dylan Wheatley setting up formwork for Concreting

Getting the chance to work in a real work environment can do a lot for your self-confidence as Dylan Wheatley knows.

After being unemployed for nearly two years Dylan is relishing the opportunity to build his skills and knowledge and hopefully gain a building apprenticeship in the long term.

BUSY At Work Employment Consultant Atherton Megan Payne said Dylan had recently completed Block 1 and 2 of the PaTH Internship Program, an Australian Government initiative that allows eligible job seekers to take part in the opportunity of an internship.

“After completing the program we marketed Dylan to K2 Constructions Queensland, a respected building company in Atherton. Following a successful interview, Dylan started a 12 week internship with the company which he hopes will potentially lead to full time employment with the company,” Ms Payne said.

As part of the PaTH Internship Program employers receive a $1,000 payment to help cover the costs of hosting the intern during the 4 to 12 week period while the government provides interns with an additional $200 a fortnight on top of their income support payment.

Dylan said he was appreciative of the support provided by BUSY At Work.

“BUSY has really supported me in helping me get interviews and, through the PaTH Internship Program, I have been able to build life skills that have helped me become work ready.”

“Through the program I have learned how to make resumes and cover letters and feel I can now communicate and engage with employers in a more professional manner,” Dylan said.

To further support Dylan, BUSY At Work is also helping Dylan gain his licence by providing him with driving lessons to better enhance his chances of securing a fulltime labouring position or apprenticeship with K2 Constructions Queensland.

“Not only have BUSY helped buy my work clothes through the PaTH Internship Program, I have been able to obtain my white card (Construction Induction Training Card),” Dylan added.

Dylan said he was grateful for the opportunity to take part in the internship and work with the team at K2 Constructions Queensland.

“I’m learning new skills every day and I’m really gaining an appreciation of what the building industry is all about,” Dylan said.

BUSY At Work CEO Paul Miles said the PaTH Internship Program was a great way for young job seekers to improve their employability skills and potentially gain fulltime employment in many industries.

“We are very excited to be a part of the PaTH Internship Program. Industry are engaged in so many ways to youth employment programs already and PaTH internships are another great way for employers to assess a job seeker’s potential over a 12 week trial.”

“This program will boost a young person’s job prospects by helping them be better prepared for the workplace and encouraging more businesses to open the door to them.”

“As well as the added bonus payment for employers, young job seekers can gain valuable employability skills to help them with their future career pathway.”

“By providing employers with extensive information about the PaTH Internship Program, and a suitable list of candidates, we can ensure that potential employers are able to recruit the right person for their business,” Mr Miles said.

To participate in the PaTH Internship Program, participants must be aged 17-24 and have received Employment Services for six months or more.

For further details about the program please contact BUSY At Work on 13 28 79.


Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator
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