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BUSY At Work – the link between employers and job seekers

Two young males meeting with a recruitment officer
Two young males meeting with a recruitment officer

Caellum Morris had recently left school and, like most young people, needed an entry point into employment. With little work experience or references on his resume, Caellum needed a helping hand to commence his preferred career start in a trade. This is where the Workforce Australia Employment Services team at CoAct Connect + BUSY At Work, Gympie, stepped in!

CoAct Connect + BUSY At Work is a Workforce Australia provider that’s been helping Australians, like Caellum, to find jobs for over 25 years. Caellum had support from Nikki, a Recruitment Partner with the Gympie team, to gain a traineeship in construction with SkillCentred Constructions, a local community project builder, in Gympie.

“From day one when I walked into BUSY At Work, Nikki has been non-stop helping me to get this job! Working at SkillCentred is a joy. Every day you come in and work with humorous and enjoyable people,” Caellum said.

Adam Hendry, Program Coordinator at SkillCentred, said, “SkillCentred is a training organisation all about upskilling workers. We’ve worked closely with BUSY for a long time now. BUSY has always done our sign-ups for our trainees. I’ve worked closely with Nikki and we’ve got a really good working relationship, she’s always sending me referrals.

“To other employers looking for staff, my advice is to go and see BUSY, they’ll help you out for sure!”

Nikki at BUSY At Work, said, “We match employers with job seekers by listening to the employer, what type of vacancy they have, how many hours, all that. Then I go through our caseload with our mentors and we put the most suitable people forward.

“I put Caellum forward for the Certificate I in Construction traineeship at SkillCentred because its an entry level job and I knew Adam would look after him and teach him new skills.

“A lot of job seekers out there don’t know where to start. We help them on their path to employment. The most rewarding part of my job is watching people grow, there’s nothing like it. Their confidence builds, their self-esteem builds, and they take pride in themselves!”

As for Caellum, since starting his traineeship he looks forward to a successful career and has big plans for himself!

“My goals after this are to own a mechanic shop or to be a carpenter.”

The Australian Government funded Workforce Australia Employment Services program offers a no-cost service and potential wage incentives when hiring a registered job seekers. If you’re a job seeker looking for work or an employer looking for staff, find out more about CoAct Connect + BUSY At Work’s delivery of Workforce Australia Employment Services.

Watch to learn more about Caellum’s journey into a career path.

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