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BUSY ready to support mature workers with Skills Checkpoint Pilot Program

If you’re an employer with mature workers aged 45 to 54 (in active full time, part time or casual employment) chances are you probably already recognise they are amongst your business’s most valuable assets.

The Australian Government also recognises the skills and knowledge that older workers bring to the workforce and that’s why they have announced a new six month program called the Skills Checkpoint Pilot to provide career advice to mature aged workers who may be looking for a career change in the future. The program is being funded by the Department of Education and Training.

BUSY At Work in partnership with CoAct and Skill360 are delivering The Skills Checkpoint Pilot for mature aged employees in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Roma, Cairns, Perth and South-West WA.

Learn more about the Skills Checkpoint Pilot Program

BUSY At Work Career and Placement Advisor Coordinator, Gillian Quinn said the program was about providing mature workers with advice on how they could use their existing skills to gain new jobs or help them understand what skills and training may be required if they were to change careers.

“The program is about helping mature aged workers to remain in the workforce for as long as they like. As people get older they may be thinking about changing jobs or they may be working in an industry undergoing significant change.”

“We will be working with employers to assist them to retain their older workers as well as assisting those workers to maintain careers and a work life balance well into the future,” Ms Quinn said.

Gillian said throughout the six month pilot, BUSY At Work would be providing a diverse range of personalised and tailor-made services that would make the transition less daunting and more rewarding for the employees.

“Our experienced Career and Placement Advisors will be providing face to face consultation services in the Darling Downs, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns (partnering with Skill360) and Perth (partnering with CoAct). For those who are unable to participate in our face to face services we have a range of other options including Skype, email, telephone and other social media.”

“By developing a Career Training Plan we can help businesses and employees work towards the future by recognising skill gaps and aptitudes. In some cases it may mean helping older trade employees’ transition off the tools into other suitable roles,” Ms Quinn said.

BUSY At Work CEO, Paul Miles said he was delighted that BUSY was selected to deliver the Skills Checkpoint Pilot Program in the five locations.

“If we are to have a vibrant and productive economy it is important that we utilise the skills and capabilities of employees of all ages. Helping mature age workers build confidence and knowledge will help them achieve their career goals.”

“Our experienced team of Career and Placement Advisors are already successfully delivering the Gateway Services through the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providing career advisory services throughout Queensland and Western Australia,” Mr Miles said.

The Skills Checkpoint Pilot is expected to benefit around 2,000 employed people. For more information contact our Career and Placement Advisors on 13 28 79


Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator
0438 173 960

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