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BUSY’s innovative career assessment tool helps Leah find her ideal career

The Harrison Online Career Assessment Tool is being hailed as a key contributor to the success of hundreds of high school students in finding their ideal career.

Former Grade 12 Marsden State High School student Leah Frances is just one of 1500 students who have participated in the assessment with an excellent outcome.

BUSY At Work, CEO Paul Miles said that BUSY was pleased to provide this key resource to assist in establishing career pathways.

“Since launching the Harrison Online Career Assessment Tool on our Apprenticeship Central website, we have had a very positive uptake through schools and industry.

We are extremely pleased with the success of this innovative resource and Leah’s story is just one of many people that we can now proudly share,” Mr Miles said.

The eighteen year old left school last year determined to find the right career choice that would fulfill her passion for the outdoors and gardening.

Like a lot of young school students, in Year 10 Leah had chosen subjects she was not enjoying and was worried she was not pursuing the things she was really excited about.

Since Year 10 she had completed a Traineeship in Beach Patrol and a Certificate III in Fitness. She felt that by trying various things she would find out what it was she really wanted to do.

At the end of Year 12, Leah decided to study for a Diploma in Youth Work as she liked working with children and helping people.

“The course was fine but I just couldn’t see myself working in that career for a long time. Being a person who likes to learn by doing I felt I was not getting what I needed from the course,” Leah explained.

“For many years I had in mind that I wanted to work outdoors as I loved going to the botanical gardens and doing gardening at home. While at school I did get to speak with the Guidance Officer and told her I was interested in learning about landscaping and horticulture but she brushed it off suggesting I try building or plumbing which did not appeal to me at all.”

“Being a female I didn’t think I would be able to get into this field and I had no idea on how post school education and training worked,” Leah added.

A few months ago Leah’s brother came home from school after a visit from the trade schools. He had picked up some information on BUSY At Work’s Apprenticeship Central website which included the Harrison Online Career Assessment Tool. The assessment takes candidates answers and compares them to the criteria of hundreds of job titles, including over 800 careers in universities and Australian apprenticeships and traineeships.

Still looking for her ‘real’ job Leah said she looked through the information and decided to do the assessment.

“Some of the job choices I had never even heard of but they made me think about myself, what I liked and what I was good at.”

Leah was absolutely delighted after reading the results. Landscaping headed the list with a score of 99%. After viewing the websites listed on the report, Leah saw there was a Certificate III in Horticulture she could undertake so she contacted BUSY At Work Career Pathway Officer, Julie Rogan.

“The outcome from me taking the career assessment was very overpowering and I couldn’t have moved forward without the support from BUSY At Work,” Leah said.

Julie guided Leah through the Apprenticeship Central website answering all her questions while assisting her with her resume.

“Leah was easy to help and very self motivated. She was very determined and followed up on everything I suggested. Her efforts are now being rewarded with Leah currently being interviewed for a landscaping apprenticeship.”

Julie said the Harrison Online Career Assessment Tool was a great way to help jobseekers make choices and move forward.

“I’m looking forward to following Leah’s pathway and I am sure she will go a long way in her chosen career,” Julie said.

Apprenticeship Central is an initiative of BUSY At Work and was created to promote apprenticeships and traineeships as a career path. It is the only job search site dedicated to apprenticeships in Australia, allowing users to not only search but match jobseekers with employers and employers with jobseekers.

The website also provides a number of resources for employers and jobseekers including the Harrison Online Career Assessment Tool.

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