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Careers in the agriculture industry

The agriculture industry is one of Australia’s largest employment sectors. More than 1.6 million people are working either directly or indirectly within the agriculture supply chain, according to Rural Skills Australia.

Due to the diverse nature of agribusiness, there are a huge range of potential career pathways available in this exciting and productive industry.

Joining this field as an apprentice or trainee now has the potential to transform into a sustainable and long-term career, due to the rapidly increasing demand for food and fibre influenced by the growing global population.

Common roles within the food production sector of agribusiness include many positions that involve working with animals, such as becoming a milk harvesting technician, veterinarian or general farm hand.

Beyond food production, individuals could seek out jobs on orchards or livestock-based roles on wool and breeding farms.

With so much variety, it should not be difficult to find an apprenticeship or traineeship program that suits your specific passions and interests.

However, if you need help choosing the right career path, there are options available. Taking the Harrison Career Assessment gives you an in depth analysis of your skills, interests and experience to identify the top industries, occupations and pathways to suit you.

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