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Considering a career in the Automotive Industry?

Misguided career advisors may think gaining a career in the automotive industry is for those who are more inclined to manual work rather than high-order thinking.

As most of us know, cars are complicated beasts these days, with automated functions like park assist, lane departure warning and emergency brake assist – and that’s all before you even try to work out the Satnav and Bluetooth connection. Additionally, the landscape is rapidly changing with the growing number of Hybrid cars and the soon to boom market for battery-operated cars.

A modern day service technician really does have a lot on their plate these days, and for those with a technical bent and a passion for learning, it’s probably quite exciting!

Having said that, not all workers in the automotive industry are service technicians and there are plenty of opportunities in the industry for a broad range of skills including panel beating, business management, sales and parts distribution and more.

A quick check on Seek confirms the demand for skills in the automotive industry with over 8500 vacancies available in a range of roles from Service Technicians to Dealership Principals and Regional and Parts Manager positions.

The automotive industry is not only about cars either. It encompasses heavy vehicle, bicycle and marine craft, and specialist roles include vehicle body repair, auto transmission specialists, tyre fitting and more. In addition, there is the sales, dealership management, distribution departments and more. So even without a mechanical or technical bent, if you have a passion to work in the industry, there is probably a role for you somewhere!

Pathways into the Automotive Industry

An apprenticeship or traineeship pathway into the automotive industry is an excellent way to find out more about the industry. Through an apprenticeship or traineeship you also have the added bonus of earning on the job while you gain a qualification.

Here are the currently available qualifications:


Automotive Electrician

Automotive Glazing Technician

Automotive Mechanic (includes light vehicle, agricultural, heavy vehicles and motorcycle)

Automotive Salesperson (Parts Interpreting)

Automotive Specialist (includes Diesel Engines, Diesel Fuel, Driveline, Engine Reconditioning, Forklift Mechanic, Underbody, Trailer Technician and Heavy Vehicles)

Automotive Vehicle Body Tradesperson (includes Panel Beating, Vehicle Painting, Vehicle Trimming)

Bicycle Mechanic

Bus, Truck and Trailer Manufacture (L3)

Elevating Work Platform Technician

Marine Mechanic

Outdoor Power Equipment Mechanic

Recreational Vehicle Manufacture L3


Automotive Master Technician

Automotive Mechanical


Automotive Salesperson

Automotive Serviceperson

Recreational Vehicle Service and Repair L3

Looking for an Apprenticeship or Traineeship in the Automotive Industry?

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Other Pathways into the Auto Industry

Of course, you could find yourself working for the industry through other pathways as well, including landing a job for a company in their customer service or sales division or becoming a manager in their dealership through university qualifications or your long experience in the industry.

The possibilities are endless in this industry so if this is your passion – what are you waiting for?


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