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Construction and plumbing industries see red tape reductions

Construction and plumbing industries see red tape reductions

Plumbing apprentices should see benefits from new industry legislation.

The government has announced a licensing and compliance decision that is expected to cut red tape and as a result, bring down compliance costs in both plumbing and construction.

Minister for Housing and Public Works Tim Mander explained the move in a May 22 media release.

“There are currently two different regulators for occupational and contractor licensing, and a single regulator will reduce red tape and administrative costs for licensees,” he said.

Currently, occupational licensing of plumbers and drainers is performed by the Plumbing Industry Council (PIC), while the Queensland Building and Construction Commission handles licences for contractors.

By moving administration to the Commission, individuals in the plumbing industry will only need to hold and pay for one licence, potentially reducing compliance costs by $118.90 for annual occupational licensing.

“Importantly, we know this change will bring about savings to the industry without major upheaval to local businesses and plumbers,” Mr Mander explained.

Additionally, the “one-stop-shop” Commission will also enable plumbers to lodge applications for occupational gas work licences, reducing administrative burden within the industry even further.

“The Department of Natural Resources and Mines will continue to assess these applications but lodgement at the Commission removes the requirement to fill in paperwork for plumbing and gas work licences at different agencies,” said Mr Mander.

This important industry development is expected to launch on September 1 this year, when the PIC is officially disbanded in favour of the more dominant and efficient Commission.

Those who already hold a licence issued by the PIC will not be required to take any action prior to the expiry. Any current and valid PIC licence will remain valid until it expires. Once this date has passed, plumbers will be required to apply for renewal with the Commission.

The streamlining of the licensing process coincides with new legislation cutting red tape in water and sewerage connections across Queensland.

In an announcement earlier this month, the government revealed the Water Supply Services Legislation Amendment Act – a development that promised to make sewerage and water connections faster and more cost-effective.

Plumbers and plumbing apprentices across Queensland should experience a reduction in the time it takes to have approval granted for building projects of all sizes. These reforms are positive news for any individual or business owner in the construction or plumbing industry.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator

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