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Construction peak nears for Santos GLNG project

Construction peak nears for Santos GLNG project

LNG projects in Queensland are creating thousands of jobs in the state.

Construction is hurtling towards a peak on the $18.5 billion Santos GLNG project in Queensland – generating thousands of jobs in the state this year as a result.

According to Santos’s last progress update, works will reach their height in 2013, with about approximately 6,000 people employed across the entire development.

The multibillion-dollar LNG project, which could generate opportunities for apprenticeships in Queensland, is gearing up for its busiest phase of works over the coming month as it prepares for the first shipments of gas in 2015.

The company’s upstream workforce is expected to surge from more than 2,000 to 3,000 employees during the construction of gas fields in the Maranoa region.

Several road upgrades will also be undertaken around the Roma region this year, including the widening of Warooby Lane and culver and crest works on Injune-Taroom Road.

Santos said the construction of two new storage tanks on Curtis Island is a major milestone of the project.

“Once completed, the LNG storage tanks will be able to hold 140,000 CBM of liquefied natural gas before it is transported for shipment,” the company explained, APN Media reports.

“Roof construction will take approximately six months, with each dome-shaped roof made of two elements.”

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