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ConstructionQ to set industry agenda

The forum was the latest step in finalising the state’s blueprint for the construction industry, which began with consultation earlier in the year. Organised by the Department of Housing and Public Works, this industry-led process has already raised a number of key goals and strategies which will guide construction work through the next two decades.

The final product of this process will be a core document for the state’s development. This will include both outputs and key milestones that the construction industry is aiming to reach over the next two decades. The plan as a whole will have a steering committee to guide its implementation, and a yearly review process to ensure the goals are still achievable.

A framework is also going to be established for future collaborations between different organisations, both within the industry and when working with the state government.

The ConstructionQ forum is also expected to provide guidelines on improving innovation within the construction industry. By encouraging the use of new materials, it is hoped that the project will also increase the overall quality of building within Queensland.

Minister for Housing and Public Works Tim Mander highlighted the value this change would bring for companies working in the area.

“ConstructionQ is about building on those gains and putting in place a vision which will unleash the industry’s full potential and generate benefits for decades to come,” said Mr Mander.

“We’re hoping that through ConstructionQ, participants will identify a clear vision, so together we can create a strong, competitive and diversified industry that is capable of underpinning the state’s future prosperity.”

ConstructionQ an opportunity for apprentices

As this state-wide initiative moves from consultation to implementation, it will have a big impact on those seeking apprenticeships in Queensland. New workers in the construction industry are likely to be affected by these changes, as new standards are implemented across the sector.

With a focus on new building techniques, these are also likely to affect the way that construction companies work in the future as a result of this initiative. Even small changes in the way the construction industry operates are likely to have a big impact on young apprentices.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator

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