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Employment Growth in Queensland

Employment Growth in Queensland

Plans to mine Galilee Basin will increase opportunities for apprenticeships in Emerald.

There’s encouraging news for those seeking employment and traineeships in Queensland as the state leads the nation in jobs creation once again, according to the latest labour force data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

More than 4,000 jobs were created in Queensland during October, the strongest increase in trend employment in Australia, Treasurer Tim Nicholls said in a November 7 media release.

“Today’s result is also in stark contrast to the rest of the nation, with trend employment going down across all other states except Western Australia,” Mr Nicholls said.

Of the last 13 months, 12 have shown a growth in trend employment for the state. Mr Nicholls said he believed these results demonstrate the Newman government’s plan to grow a four-pillar economy is working.

“It can only mean more jobs in the future as we work towards our target of 4 per cent unemployment within six years,” said Mr Nicholls.

One such example of job creation in Queensland is the recently announced Galilee Basin development.

A strategy has now been unveiled that will encourage developers to submit plans and projects to make use of the Basin’s coal resources.

Key infrastructure initiatives have been highlighted by the Galilee Basin Development Strategy, with streamlined solutions for transport, land acquisition, power and water expected to encourage maximum activity in the area.

The proposed projects have a forecast investment of $28.4 billion, and will create over 28,000 new jobs in the community, which is great news for those seeking apprenticeships in Emerald or other nearby towns.

In particular, the strategy should produce more than 15,000 employment opportunities in construction and over 13,000 operational jobs, according to the Deputy Premier and State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Minister, Jeff Seeney.

Premier Campbell Newman believes the Galilee Basin Development Strategy will further support the government’s plan to grow the resources sector as one of the four pillars of the Queensland economy.

The strategy involves offering incentives for ‘first movers’ wanting to develop the area, including a reduced coal royalty for an initial period of time.

Because coal is a state-owned commodity, companies must pay the government a royalty for the right to extract a mineral resource. By offering a ramp-up period, companies will save on start-up costs, making development in the Galilee Basin more affordable.

The strategy also offers access to the Port of Abbot Point, which has been a major area of government-sponsored development.

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