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Employment hotspots identified by Hays

Employment hotspots identified by Hays

A need for apartment towers should boost construction employment.

Those seeking apprenticeships in Queensland may be interested to hear which sectors and roles are expected to share the highest demand this year.

The January-March 2014 Hays Quarterly Report was released on January 17 and outlines the Australian employment trends as forecast by global recruitment firm Hays.

The majority of future employment demand is expected to arise from infrastructure developments across the country, as the government attempts to keep up with rising housing requirements and a steadily growing population.

Trades and Labour

Major increases in employment within this sector are often attributed to last-minute recruitment to help bring projects back on track when deadlines are missed.

While Hays believes a number of firms will not require additional staff this quarter, an increased number of infrastructure projects around Australia may boost demand for civil labourers, and offer opportunities for those seeking civil works traineeships in Queensland.


Construction projects are on the rise this year, with growing housing demand and increased confidence in the property sector pushing staffing needs into skills gap territory.

In particular, high-rise project managers and construction labourers are highly sought in Queensland and Perth as a number of commercial and residential projects involve multi-storey buildings.

This demand is expected to continue to increase in future, as local councils combat urban sprawl by investing in apartment towers.


Previous years have seen many Australian engineering firms sustain employment losses through redundancies and falling demand.

However, an expected upturn in project designs this year may see the engineering sector facing a significant skills shortage.

Major infrastructure proposals in Queensland should increase demand for environmentally based engineering jobs, as each project requires extensive environmental impact assessment and consulting services.


As Australia’s population ages, the demand and pressure on health care services grows, increasing the need for professionals in this sector.

Those considering a health care apprenticeship in Queensland may be encouraged to know roles in this industry are typically permanent, full-time positions with a low turn over.

This makes the health care sector an ideal industry in which to seek long-term career opportunities.

Mining and Resources

While many experts are forecasting a lull in employment within the resources sector, Hays believes demand will remain high for miners and staff in the iron ore mines.

Operators, engineers and supervisors are all highly sought after in the mining and resourcing industry, and this demand should not fall within this quarter.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator

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