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Expansive new highway boosts trade in Queensland

The Warrego Highway in Queensland has been approved for an upgrade that will make it two lanes in both directions. Authorities said the 714 kilometre road will bring “enormous” amounts of potential for Queensland businesses, as well as jobseekers.

Both state and federal governments have funded the essential development, with 15 smaller projects delivering wholesale changes in a number of towns and cities across the region.

The $635 million ‘Warrego is Go’ program is all set to provide construction jobs during the upgrade stage, as well as boosting the economy and employment opportunities across Queensland in the long term.

With many employers keen to hire, train and develop talent from an early age, the projects are expected to deliver a host of apprenticeships in Queensland to help make the ambitious upgrades a reality.

The new road infrastructure will provide a link from Charleville to Brisbane and southern Queensland, improving the prospects for apprenticeships in Toowoomba, for example, as well as many other locations along the stretch of road.

A Queensland Government announcement said that the upgrades “are essential to the region’s economic growth and will benefit the agriculture, resources and tourism industries”.

Industry boost

In a media release, Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said the new lanes will improve business potential across its length.

“The Warrego Highway connects the agricultural and resource regions west of Toowoomba to the Port of Brisbane, so the economic potential of these upgrades is enormous,” Mr Truss explained.

“In fact, every dollar spent on this project will return to the economy more than five times the cost of our investment.”

The extensive upgrades will first require civil construction workers and will be a ideal way for apprentices in the sector to cut their teeth. After that, a variety of other local industry sectors can thrive from better transport links.

With coal seam gas projects increasing the amount of heavy traffic on the current road infrastructure, the Deputy Prime Minister continued to say that expansion in Queensland’s resources sector relies on these kinds of developments.

“We know that our regions are the backbone of our economy. Truck drivers, farmers and commuters will all look forward to construction on the project starting early next year, with completion due at the end of 2016.”

Better commuter opportunities

Not all job opportunities lie on the doorstep; many workers and apprentices will know that new career doors are opened by looking slightly further afield.

The new upgrade should not only provide more economic expansion across the region, but will alleviate the strain put on local roads, allowing workers, apprentices and trainees to travel greater distances.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator.

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