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Federal government launches employment expos

Federal government launches employment expos

A new government initiative aims to help more Queenslanders get back into the workforce.

Queensland jobseekers will be given a helping hand with the federal government launching a new initiative to bolster employment rates across the state.

The federal government announced on Saturday (October 6) that it will hold a series of jobs and skills expos across the state to support and encourage Queenslanders who have been left unemployed through recent state government cuts.

Minister for employment and workplace relations Bill Shorten said the program is part of the government’s $850,000 support package for Queenslanders facing redundancy.

“It will be delivered by the Former Origin Greats (FOGS) who have a long history of supporting Australian Government employment initiatives and have successfully run seven Indigenous employment and careers expos in Queensland this year,” Mr Shorten explained.

The first expo, available for anyone searching for work, will take place in Brisbane this month, with two workshops being held in Logan and Townsville in November and December respectively.

Minister for employment participation Kate Ellis said the expos offered vital support and information to people who find themselves without employment due to redundancies and retrenchment, with more than 22,000 Australians benefiting from the initiative to date.

“We have proven success with these expos, bringing together employers, jobseekers and training providers in a single location to create a one-stop-shop for jobs and training,” Ms Ellis explained.

It is expected thousands of the 14,000 public sector workers who have been affected by restructuring will benefit from the expos, helping to launch more people back into jobs in Queensland.

Queensland apprenticeship and employment service provider BUSY At Work said these expos provide job seekers with important career information.

Paul Miles, CEO of BUSY At Work said: “Redundancies bring opportunity to review your career path. It could mean the right time to change careers and venture into the one field you’ve always dreamt of. People need to know there’s a whole lot of support out there to help mature age workers or young job seekers in gaining an apprenticeship or traineeship.

“My advice would be go out and get the information and the benefits of an apprenticeship can last for a lifetime.”

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