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Federal government’s jobs plan to boost Queensland employment

Federal government’s jobs plan to boost Queensland employment

The federal government's jobs plan is expected to boost employment in Queensland.

The federal government has unveiled its plans to invest $1 billion to boost innovation, competitiveness and productivity in Australian – an initiative that may increase opportunities for apprenticeships in Queensland.

Minister for industry and innovation Greg Combet said the scheme – entitled Industry and Innovation Statement, A Plan for Australian Jobs – will significantly bolster opportunities for manufacturers and workers in Queensland’s Bonner region.

“Our plan will give Australian firms the opportunity to secure work on major resource and infrastructure projects, and help Australian businesses grow and create new jobs,” Mr Combet commented.

As part of the initiative, Mr Combet, along with Labor candidate for Bonner Laura Fraser Hardy, visited Ferra Engineering in Tingalpa to address workers about how the jobs program will benefit them.

“The government’s plan will provide support to industry to boost innovation and help create high-skilled, well-paid jobs now and for the future.”

The main elements of the scheme include backing Australian industry to secure more work in domestic and international markets, as well as assisting small and medium businesses to grow and create new jobs.

Mr Combet said the federal government is funding the establishment of ten Industry Innovation Precincts across the country to get industry and researchers working on the plan together.

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