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Freya stayed the course despite the obstacles

Freya was ready to return to work after recovering from a significant shoulder injury. Her significant injury had stopped her from lifting her arm and, although she was on the road to recovery, she was anxious about returning to work due to a previous stressful work situation.

The BUSY At Work Workforce Australia team describe Freya as a bright and lively personality who brings a lot of energy to workshops. They prepared her for work by arranging for her to attend ‘work first’ workshops, and by guiding her to find and complete studies (a Certificate III in Business Administration) that would ultimately help her upskill to a position that would be better for her mental and physical health.

Her mentor at BUSY At Work stated, “The biggest and best change we saw in Freya was that she became more and more confident that she would be able to find a suitable job as completion of her business admin course was approaching.

“She started a little defeated due to the previous mental breakdown that she experienced, but with the right support she regained her confidence and resilience over time.”

Freya’s new employer, Homestyle Bakeries, was able to offer her a role that worked within the hours she could travel to work.

Adam, her manager at Homestyle Bakeries, praises BUSY At Work for their professionalism in connecting him with new team members in the past saying, “We have a fantastic relationship with BUSY, I really appreciated that twelve managers came out for a site tour and took the time to understand that reliability is key for us.

“By coming in they showed that they care about my business, and about the candidates, and that’s why when it comes to getting the best fit BUSY are by far the best.”

Adam adds, “If you’re a good employee who wants to work I don’t mind about your background, I’ll give anyone a chance.”

He says of Freya, “Her attitude is just brilliant, her attention to detail is excellent and she’s here, she’s keen, she knows her stuff, she’s diligent, and she’s a hard worker.”

BUSY At Work is excited for Freya, congratulating her on completing her studies and securing this great new role – and they’ll be there to support Freya to succeed in her career journey!

Find out more about CoAct Connect and BUSY At Work’s support for jobseekers through Workforce Australia Employment Services.

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