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Future opportunities for apprenticeships in Rockhampton

Future opportunities for apprenticeships in Rockhampton

Construction apprenticeships in Rockhampton may get a boost with future developments.

Council support for future residential construction and non-residential infrastructure developments will offer opportunities for employment and apprenticeships in Rockhampton over the coming years.

The council investment includes an incentives plan to encourage business owners and developers to expand, repair or renew their existing projects in the CBD.

“Under the plan, the core CBD area is poised for significant renewal as Council waives infrastructure charges for eligible development applications lodged during the next two years,” Mayor Margaret Strelow said in a December 11 media release.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are expected to be saved by developers providing they lodge their application before the end of 2015 and complete construction within three years.

“Eligible developments within the Rockhampton CBD can receive infrastructure discounts of up to 100 per cent,” Ms Strelow said.

Current owners of businesses and land in the CBD are encouraged to use the coming months to consider what developments they may like to begin in 2014.

“We are looking for some great new developments, for new and innovative solutions to old problems, and for our local existing business to ‘let out the seams’ and expand,” said Ms Strelow.

Developments outside the CBD may also be eligible for council support. The newly endorsed Development Incentives Policy offers a 50 per cent discount on infrastructure charges on certain non-residential outer developments.

To be eligible, developers must demonstrate a significant capital investment has been made towards the project.

Developers also have to prove that new permanent employment opportunities will be a direct result of the development after construction is complete.

“Eligible users are generally commercial or industrial and typically eligible users include industry, retail shops, offices, medical centres, showrooms, restaurants, education facilities, cinemas and indoor sport and recreation facilities,” Ms Strelow said.

Additionally, those seeking apprenticeships in Rockhampton’s residential construction sector may be encouraged to hear a 2,290 lot subdivision at Parkhurst is now one step closer to reality.

Ms Strelow expressed confidence in the high calibre of construction and infrastructure work that will turn the area into a ‘high quality desirable residential subdivision’.

“It’s wonderful that there is confidence in our local market sufficient to drive a development of this scale,” she said.

With over 2,000 potential residential homes expected to be built in the area, the ‘Ellida’ subdivision will provide a substantial boost for opportunities for construction apprenticeships in Queensland.

By Leanne Detoerkenczy

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