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Galilee Basin gets fifth mine approval

The Galilee Basin, which stretches throughout much of central Queensland, has been a recent success story for mining jobs. Developments in the area have ensured local jobseekers have had new employment opportunities on a recurring basis.

Meanwhile, apprenticeships in Queensland will continue to provide great staffing solutions for local businesses as well as multinational ones. As large projects like the ones in Galilee continue to progress, there will be opportunities for those looking to take the first steps of their careers.

In fact, the Galilee Basin has recently received initial approval to open its fifth mine, after Queensland’s Coordinator-General completed a rigorous environmental assessment of the plans.

Almost 3,000 jobs will be created from the South Galilee Coal Project, as AMCI group look to construct a new facility in the resource-rich region, the Government announced this month.

Opening up employment

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney said the new coal mine will be another step towards “opening up the Galilee Basin”.

“AMCI plans to build an open-cut and underground thermal coal mine which could produce up to 17 million tonnes of coal a year for export,” Mr Seeney explained.

“The construction of the mine has the potential to create up to 1,600 jobs for Queenslanders and about 1,300 ongoing operational jobs.”

With four other projects currently either running or in development in the lucrative region, apprentices will have the opportunity to find work and expand their skills in one of Queensland’s key industries.

“This is another step forward for the Galilee Basin and follows Alpha Coal, Kevin’s Corner, Galilee Coal Project and Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project receiving both state and federal government approvals,” the minister concluded.

FIFO a possibility

The project will operate with a 33-year lifespan, according to the state government, and will provide real opportunities for long-term career growth.

Local employees will also be prioritised, with bus-in, bus-out and fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) schemes outlined by the state as two viable methods of recruitment.

A FIFO scheme will ensure professionals and entry-level workers are employed and transported from “major regional centres”, showing potential for apprenticeship recruitment in Brisbane, Toowoomba and other southern cities.

Employment fast tracked

Minister Seeney praised the quick work of the Coordinator-General in recent times. The speed of the approval process has allowed new developments to start supplying jobs for Queenslanders at a greater pace.

“With this decision, the Coordinator-General has approved 16 major projects to proceed in our state, worth more than $67 billion and able to create about 44,000 jobs for Queenslanders,” Mr Seeney explained.

With the resource industry moving at such pace, and the state looking to secure it for the future, now could be a good time to find an apprenticeship in Queensland.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator.

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