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Why The Hospitality And Tourism Industries Are Taking On So Many Trainees

Barista pours steamed milk into coffee
Barista pours steamed milk into coffee

Here at BUSY At Work we know what employers in the tourism and hospitality industries are looking for and we’re not surprised that these industries are taking on more and more trainees. Practical learning in these industries is hugely beneficial to businesses so it makes sense that more and more businesses are tapping into the benefits of taking on a trainee.

1. The tourism and hospitality industries are booming

In 2016-17, total tourism spend reached $122.9 billion, a 6% increase from the previous year and up 20% since 2013-14. Moreover, direct tourism employment increased by 3% to 598,200 people nationally, representing 4.9% of Australia’s workforce. Simply put, the tourism industry is experiencing extreme growth right now, and with the Tourism 2020 strategy in its final phase, it’s expected to continue growing.

With such growth expected to continue in tourism, the industry needs a reliable stream of eager and effective workers to respond to the bigger workload. Trainees are the ideal source; especially as more young people are turning to on-job training to combat the unstable job market.

According to recent report released by the Queensland government, hospitality is already a top five industry in employing trainees. Simply put, more and more young people are looking at the hospitality industry to complete traineeships, and with a bigger pool of employees to choose from, it makes sense that the industry is taking on more of them.

2. Develop necessary skills

A 2016 report showed that more than a quarter of Queensland businesses employed apprentices and trainees. Out of these, 82.7% were satisfied that their apprentices and trainees were gaining the required skills for their jobs through their training. The effectiveness of these programs in producing skilled workers makes it easy to understand why businesses continue to employ them. For the hospitality and tourism industries, it’s a sure-fire way to train staff in the skills employers know are valuable to their business, now and for the future.

Juan Concha, who connected with BUSY At Work two years ago, is a strong example of what a traineeship can do for employees and employers. He secured a job as a houseman with the Marriott Hotel in South Brisbane, and a few months later he transferred to the Swiss-Belhotel Brisbane with continued success.

Throughout his training Juan has developed a range of real world skills that has made him an asset to any business. His hospitality course is taught in conjunction with training by industry mentors and trainers to ensure he remains a valued part of the team.

3. It’s a vital employment pathway

Research from Jobs Queensland shows that, nationally, more than 84% of apprentices and trainees were employed six months after completing their training.

From these statistics it’s clear that apprenticeships and traineeships are an important pathway for young people entering the job market. There are many challenges that young people face due to inexperience and low skill levels that are easily overcome with apprenticeships and traineeships. Here at BUSY we are committed to providing this valuable pathway to our young Australians, and this is why we make this process as easy as possible for employers.

4. There’s incentives and help

Along with the inherent benefit provided by the trainees themselves, there are a number of government incentives to subsidise the cost of training apprentices and trainees. A full list of these incentives can be found here, and one of our staff members can help identify which incentives your business is eligible for.

5. More opportunities for success

Stories like Quentin’s show the importance of traineeships in connecting people with their passions, and passionate people with employers. Quentin has endured four years of unemployment whilst being a single parent. After working with BUSY, he has secured a position as a sous chef for Hot Chilli Bean Thai Café in Coolum.

We have been there with Quentin in every step of the way and are ecstatic to see him back on his feet.

“We believe that every person is employable and by matching the right candidate to the right employer, we can see the positive impact employment plays in changing the life of each individual,” BUSY At Work CEO Mr Miles said.

Traineeships are unique in their ability to provide positive work environments to those that are hungry for them. All industries – not just hospitality and tourism industries – have much to gain from them, and stories like Quentin’s make it obvious why more employers are taking them on.

If you’re based in QLD and interested in taking on an apprentice within your business or just want to learn more, contact BUSY At Work on (13 28 79) or 0421 268 884 (text only).

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