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How can the Harrison Online Career Assessment help me?

With so many potential occupations to choose from, it can often be difficult to find a career path that is both personally fulfilling and offers the right long-term opportunities.

Thankfully, there are sophisticated tools that facilitate the selection process, helping you navigate the challenges of the modern employment environment. The Harrison Online Career Assessment is one of these tools.

Available in 29 languages, the assessment asks participants a comprehensive set of questions and matches up their answers with over 800 careers using a scientifically designed theory.

The results are prioritised according to job satisfaction, so you’ll know that the suggested careers are best suited to your particular passions. Taking only 25-30 minutes to complete, the Harrison Online Career Assessment is a quick and easy way to receive help choosing an employment path.

Upon completion, the tool will generate four online reports that can be sent to employers to provide an independent evaluation of your suitability across a range of roles. These reports cover:

Career options: A list of appropriate jobs ranked according to suitability.

Career development: A coaching tool that highlights your style of thinking and working. The report measures 175 factors, such as interests, preferred work environments and favoured tasks.

Greatest strengths: As the name suggests, this provides analysis of your key work-related characteristics, which can form the focus of applications and interviews.

Career comparison: This report enables you to match your traits to the specific characteristics needed for a chosen job or role. It also covers areas where you may lack the necessary skills for a dream position.

If the Harrison Online Career Assessment sounds like it could help you narrow your focus on a potential apprenticeship or traineeship, why not visit Apprenticeship Central? You can access the assessment directly, and while you are there why not sign up and begin searching for the perfect apprenticeship?

Employers and training providers also benefit from the assessment, as it can function as a mentoring tool that enables companies to identify the best ways of working with jobseekers in order to develop their skills.

This ensures a mutually beneficial relationship for all the parties involved, particularly in the apprenticeship/traineeship process, resulting in more effective results and a better match between the apprentice or trainee and the hiring organisation.

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