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How can you prepare for a reference check?

Many employers will be looking for references when they interview you for a potential job. No matter which industry you are in, your future employers are likely to delve into your past to find evidence of your work ethic and the breadth of your skills from previous jobs.

According to, 54 per cent of job applicants will falsify their resumes, making a reference check crucial for employers to make sure that you truly hold the skills and experience you claim to have.

There are a few key things that your future employer might be on the lookout for when they conduct a reference check. In particular, the employer will be hoping to confirm that your recent work experience is accurate, which can often be determined by talking to your previous managers.

Some potential employees will embellish their dates of employment in order to cover long gaps between jobs, while more serious cases involve fabricating credentials or qualifications, both of which employers will be on the lookout for.

Industries with high levels of unemployment are likely to see more cases of resume fraud, so employers will be more vigilant when they are hiring. Make sure you understand how competitive your chosen career is and that your references make you stand out from the crowd without resorting to fabricating your credentials.

When employers conduct background and reference checks they aren’t just looking for any problems in your past, they will also be trying to set you apart from others applying for the same job. Making sure that your references can vouch for your good character and have positive examples of your work will make a big difference when you are looking for work.

How can an apprenticeship help?

Getting into an apprenticeship will make a big difference to your future career. Having a record of your skills and experience can help you prove that you have the expertise necessary for the rest of your career.

Completing an apprenticeship will also guarantee that you are qualified for the rest of your career. This sends a strong message to your future employers, who will be looking for this sort of experience when they consider your job application.

Finally, completing an apprenticeship will give you a strong reference for future work, as your previous employer can attest to your character further down your career path. Having a strong endorsement from a previous manager early on in your career can make a big difference for your long term success.

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