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How will Queensland’s growing economy preserve the environment?

Sustainability is becoming more and more important for businesses in a range of different industries. Whether it’s a taxi company moving to hybrid vehicles or a retail store installing solar panels into their roof, there’s no shortage of ways for organisations to lessen their impact on the environment.

This is particularly true for some of the industries known for providing a wealth of apprenticeship opportunities throughout Queensland, such as mining and construction. The better organisations within these sectors can evolve their practices to protect the environment, the more prepared they are to continue to be profitable into the future.

New tools set to preserve the Great Barrier Reef

Tourism is just as important to the Queensland economy as mining and construction, so it’s important that all industries are able to coexist. Natural landmarks such as the Great Barrier Reef are likely to continue to remain a drawcard for both domestic and international tourists for years to come, provided it’s kept free from pollution and damage.

To acknowledge the need to keep the reef safe, the Queensland government has announced new online tools to make it easier for businesses to keep track of how their projects affect the surrounding environment.

The tools specifically target waterways and creeks that lead to the Great Barrier Reef, ensuring the construction projects which take place along this area aren’t damaging the reef or other environmental features. To maintain their relevance to both builders and conservationists, the tools were crafted with input from organisations such as the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and Master Builders Queensland.

According to Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles, the resources encourage ease of use and are expected to greatly benefit contractors who make the most of them.

“Factsheets, checklists and compliance guidelines will be available online and in a mobile-friendly format, through a specially developed mobile app, to allow builders, contractors and local government officers to easily access information on appropriate management practices while on-site,” he explained.

The announcement aligns with the broader Reef 2050 Plan which seeks to offer ongoing protection to one of Queensland’s most well-known tourism attractions. By actively targeting soil erosion and waste disposal, these online tools are a notable step in preserving the reef’s future.

By boosting the economic impact of industries such as construction and mining and reducing their environmental impact, they can grow with the rest of Australia.

By Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator

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