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Increased support for miners living in Rockhampton

Increased support for miners living in Rockhampton

Western flights out of Rockhampton should make working in mining in Queensland easier.

Those employed in mining industry jobs and apprenticeships in Rockhampton are set to benefit from a number of changes and improvements coming to the area.

The introduction of Coal Train House will ensure miners and their families receive the health services and support they may be finding it difficult to access in their home towns.

“This project fills that gap by giving (mining families) a chance of receiving first rate services near to home in Rockhampton,” Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow said in a November 6 media release.

Coal Train is a organisation that offers training and education to the mining sector to ensure safety, communication and development are at the forefront of the industry.

To coordinate the Coal Train House venture in Rockhampton, Coal Train has teamed up with the Mining Women Support Group, a not-for-profit organisation that supports women who work or have partners who work in the construction and resource industry.

“I’m proud that Coal Train, one of our Region’s premier training providers, is able to work with one of our leading community organisations to help the mining community in which both operate in such a practical fashion,” Ms Strelow said.

The Coal Train House project will also be supported by the opening of the Rockhampton Hospital’s Central Queensland Regional Integrated Cancer Care Services, due to be completed next year.

Cancer services and patient outcomes are to be boosted by the state-of-the-art equipment and designated oncology beds included in the $75 million dollar building.

Still further improvements to life and mining in Rockhampton are due to take place at the Rockhampton Airport.

Currently those hoping to travel between Rockhampton and Moranbah, or other towns across Central Queensland, must divert via Brisbane, turning a simple journey into a long, frustrating trip.

However, the Council’s Business Enterprise Committee and Resource Sector Advisory Committee are currently working together to decide on how best to capitalise on alternate travel routes to resource areas in Central Queensland.

“With the release of the State Government’s Galilee Basin Development Strategy this week, Rockhampton Airport wants to be able to assist those existing workers as well as future workers by providing full Airport services,” Councillor Neil Fisher said in a November 8 statement.

These plans will potentially make living in Rockhampton while working in mines in Central Queensland easier, which is beneficial for those job seekers currently residing in the area.

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