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Industry apprenticeships receive greater funding

Industry apprenticeships receive greater funding

New funding is increasing training opportunities in Queensland.

In 2014-2015, the state government has budgeted $615 million to address vocational training. Of that funding, roughly a third will go into the foundation skills necessary to start an apprenticeship.

Another quarter is aimed at the providers of the qualifications necessary to work in a trade, particularly level three certificates in important industries like bricklaying, cookery and engineering.

Indigenous skills training has also benefited from the new round of funding. In total, $6 million is being invested into indigenous education strategies, which aims to increase overall participation in skilled education, particularly in remote communities.

Indigenous youth, school leavers and those not currently in full time work have all been targeted through this funding, in order to boost employment options among these groups.

Other areas include a provision for higher level skills (certificates over level three) and for community learning initiatives which allow local organisations to provide specialised training to disadvantaged individuals.

While this increase is good news for those looking to enter an apprenticeship, the measures have been targeted to certain industries.

Skills like plumbing, cabinet making and carpentry have been given preferential treatment as Queensland continues to face a shortage in these areas. Other apprenticeship programmes may see some funding reduced, as the state government shifts focus towards in demand skills.

Minister for Education, Training and Employment John-Paul Langbroek pointed to the value that this programme would bring for the Queensland economy.

“The Queensland Government has an ambitious program of reform to revitalise the VET sector and the 2014-2015 Annual VET Investment Plan is crucial to that,” said Mr Langbroek. “It lays the foundation for a sustainable and responsive sector, to ensure that Queensland’s economy is supported by a first class training system.”

With greater funding going into apprenticeships across Queensland, now might be a good time to consider taking on an apprenticeship, especially if you fit into one of the areas being targeted by the state government.

For employers, these new developments offer an exciting opportunity to take on an apprentice, knowing that they will have greater resources at their disposal to make sure that their apprenticeship is successful and valuable for all parties involved.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator

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