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Infrastructure and housing planned for new Sunshine Coast city

The Sunshine Coast represents one of the most important areas of Queensland, providing a range of different avenues for job seekers. These opportunities are expected to keep growing in future years, thanks to a major development outside of Landsborough.

Construction has recently begun on the development of a new city in the region – Aura – which will eventually create housing for between 40 and 50,000 residents across a 24 square kilometre plot of land. As well as 20,000 homes, the development will include a dedicated central business district and industrial areas that will add to the region’s employment potential.

For those looking for traineeships or apprenticeships in the Sunshine Coast region, this project will likely provide a multitude of opportunities, across both the construction phase and when companies move into the new commercial and industrial spaces.

In fact, the first year alone will see an additional 1,700 jobs added, while 18,500 will be created over the first decade of the project.

Public infrastructure sees new investment

To support the new residents of Aura, the current plan contains a range of infrastructure work that will call for a dedicated skill set. Transport will be a major investment, with the development placing greater demand on local road infrastructure as well as the region’s rail network. Beyond these larger developments, there will also be a range of smaller projects, including 200 kilometres of cycleways.

The developer has also planned a range of public spaces that will be required by the end project. These included schools and community spaces, along with dedicated sporting facilities. According to Stockland – the company behind the initiative – the project will include 20 education facilities, as well as 25 community buildings and 10 sporting facilities.

This breadth of work was underscored by Kingsley Andrew, general manager for Queensland at Stockland.

“Over the life of the project, we’ll make a very positive and substantial contribution to regional infrastructure that will benefit all residents and visitors to the Sunshine Coast, including regional scale parks, a new arterial road connection from Caloundra Road to the Bruce Highway and an iconic, new city centre,” stated Mr Andrew.

Mr Andrew went on to emphasise the environmentally friendly aspects of the project. As well as protecting nearby conservation areas, the new city involves extensive landscaping within the development, with roughly a third of the project’s footprint set aside for rehabilitated land.

By Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator

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