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International Women’s Day – Count Her In!

Group of female workplace leaders sitting around a board room table.
Group of female workplace leaders sitting around a board room table.

Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress.

Every year on March 8, the United Nations asks us all to focus on women for a day. To celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about discrimination and take action to drive gender parity. While it is easy to believe women in western countries like Australia, the US or the UK can be or do whatever they want (so what’s the big deal), there are still hidden barriers that prevent equality in the workplace and in society. This includes bridging the gender pay gap which shows when it comes to pay, across all employers, 50% have a gender pay gap of over 9.1%.

Leonie Carlile, CEO of The BUSY Group said, “Reporting data like that shown in the Australian Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency highlights that there is still a way to go in closing the pay gap. The data provides an improvement benchmark for organisations to work towards.”

In far too many other countries, women are still subjected to gross discrimination and suffering. This is the reason for initiatives by the United Nations like International Women’s Day. If we think globally and act locally, through a unified effort, we can make a genuine difference in the world. 

At BUSY, we’re committed to doing our part in the regions we operate in, to empower women through education and career support. We believe jobs don’t have genders so we’re supporting more women to enter trade pathways. It’s exciting to play a role in the growing number of women entering non-traditional career pathways like engineers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers and carpenters. With mentoring support from BUSY, these women are trailblazers helping to break down stereotypes and changing workplace cultures for the better. BUSY are investing in women and they, in turn, are accelerating progress!

Take Rachel who, despite challenges during her apprenticeship to become an electrician, gained support from BUSY to continue with another employer. We know she’s going to make a great sparky one day! Read more about Rachel’s story

Or Jean who was supported into work by BUSY Ability and their Disability Employment Services, just in time to support her young family and ensure she didn’t lose her home. Read more about Jean’s story.

And if you ever think you’re too old to realise your dreams, take inspiration from Noelene who, at 75 years young, has just commenced an apprenticeship to become a chef. Read more about Noelene’s story.

The BUSY School is also working with young women who have disengaged from mainstream education, to empower and support them into finishing high school and into career paths that suit them. While most of our BUSY School campuses are co-ed, our Southport Girls + campus is an all-female campus that is dedicated to supporting young women to re-engage with their futures.

Supporting women with education and skills is crucial for empowerment and success and BUSY Skills offers a range of vocational courses, from business to construction, that support career development and financial independence.

Within our BUSY organisation, inspiring inclusion internally by encouraging female staff to become the best they can be and to take up more leadership positions. We’re also encouraging our male staff to support their female colleagues on the journey to success.

On International Women’s Day a panel discussion was held with some of The BUSY Group’s female leaders to discuss the issues facing women today, particularly in the workplace. Topics of discussion included: challenges that were faced in each of the panel members career journeys to date; overcoming gender bias in the workplace; education as a role for female empowerment; the importance of mentorship; and returning to work after having families. With BUSY staff attending and contributing, the discussion went a long way in promoting inclusion in our workplace at BUSY, as well as stimulating thoughts and actions (however small) that can assist women to thrive in their careers.

Learn more about the importance of International Women’s Day.


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