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Jakarta links to boost Queensland jobs

Australia is in a great position to sell goods and services abroad. The country has some unique resources and a lucrative export market nearby in the Asia-Pacific region.

Increased trade creates great opportunities for employment growth, as expansion of the market opens the door to new customers for a range of Australian businesses. In turn, these companies need to increase their human resources to keep up with demand.

So when a closer partnership between Australia and another country in the region is established, it makes for exciting news for those searching for apprenticeships and traineeships in Australia.

Proving just that, the Queensland Government has recently announced a stronger partnership with Jakarta, Indonesia, as the two regions look to improve their trade of goods and services.

The state government said this move will bring a number of jobs to the region as businesses find it easier to expand into foreign markets.

Agribusiness on the up

Treasurer and Minister for Trade Tim Nicholls said the potential for business, trade and investment opportunities between the two countries is “endless”. The minister also specified the food and agribusiness industry as being at the front of the queue when it comes to benefiting from this new partnership.

“Queensland’s food and agriculture sector is valued at more than $14 billion per year and is our state’s second-biggest export earner, contributing more than $13 billion to the state’s economy,” he explained in a December 10 announcement.

As a key industry, Mr Nicholls went on to say that the Jakarta agreement will focus on expanding agribusiness in Queensland.

Apprentices and trainees to benefit

Any trade expansion involves strengthening the workforce, and for long-term plans like the one announced this month, employers will want to secure their staff’s skills for the future.

This is great news for apprenticeships in Queensland, as businesses look towards training their staff now to cope with increased demands in the coming months and years.

“With Queensland’s two-way merchandise trade with Indonesia valued at $2.3 billion last financial year, maintaining and further strengthening our ties is an important part of opening up business opportunities now and creating the jobs of the future,” Mr Nicholls continued.

“There are also important avenues for substantial growth in areas such as financial, education and other services where we have established markets with room to expand.”

With more employment in these industries, it also means a greater opportunity for traineeships in Queensland, and teaching people the skills to ensure the state continues to thrive.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator.

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