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Job interview scheduled? Five tips to prepare!

Meeting your potential employer for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, but if you prepare well enough for your job interview, you’ll be ready to tackle those hard questions and make a good impression.

The job interview is the make or break stage of getting a position, so you need to really know your stuff when it comes to explaining your strengths and experiences, as well as demonstrating some knowledge of the job role and company.

Here are five helpful tips to get you prepared for your job interview.

Good knowledge of your CV

Employers often refer to your CV during questioning, so make sure you know what you’ve written inside out!

They may ask you why you listed certain skills as your strengths, or what experience you gained from working in a particular company.

It may sometimes help to bring along your own copy of the CV, just in case your employer hasn’t printed one for themselves, or to read along and go through it with them.

Research the job role and company

Research is absolutely key in a job interview. The employer is likely to ask you what you know about their company to gauge if you have gone out of your way to conduct some research.

Demonstrating knowledge of their activities shows initiative and indicates that you are really keen for the role.

Prepare examples

One question that employers may ask is to name three difficult situations and how you overcame them.

This can be very hard to answer on the spot, so prepare yourself for such questions by getting some examples ready in advance.

You may want to ready some examples that demonstrate why you’ve listed down certain skills as your strengths, how you overcame certain challenges and why you should be hired for the job.

Body language and voice

Body language can tell a person a lot about you, so make sure to sit up straight in your chair, with your chin up and maintain eye contact with the employer.

This demonstrates to the employer that they have your full attention, and shows that you are serious about getting the job.

When talking, make sure to speak clearly and at an appropriate volume – no mumbling!

Follow up

Sending an email or thank you note to the employer reinforces your interest in the job. Thank the employer for taking the time to hold the interview, and also remember to add your contact details in the email.

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