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Joshua finds his way through teaching

Joshua Casley has tried a little bit of everything, before settling into his casual position as a teacher’s aide.

The Sippy Downs resident is a participant in BUSY At Work’s Transition to Work program, which helps disadvantaged youth aged 15-21 with career and education opportunities.

“Originally when I came to BUSY At Work, I was lacking direction. Fresh out of school, they tell you that you need to get ready and plan what you want to do, but when you’ve never had any experience doing anything, I had no idea what it was going to be like. I tried baking and other jobs but none of them stuck,” Joshua said.

Joshua was worried that he would spend years studying for a particular job and then on the first day absolutely hate it.

“I meandered around trying to figure out what to do, and I did some courses through BUSY At Work at the school I’m working at now. As a part of that I had to do work experience, and they said I could do it at the school, and once I finished that they said they would love to keep me around in a casual position.

“I think I’m good at teaching, and I do really enjoy doing it. I’d like to try and stick with that. Next year I’m going to start uni doing a bachelor of teaching,” Joshua said.

Felicia Daisy, Joshua’s employment consultant at BUSY, says she loves being able to support youth like Joshua into employment.

“I love them to death, like my own kids. They come to us if they have difficulties at home; when you’re brought up with domestic violence or homelessness, it really affects your life. It breaks my heart sometimes to hear what they’ve been through. But they know that if they want a friendly chat they can just come on in, it doesn’t need to be an appointment. We are here as a friend as well,” Felicia said.

Paul Miles, Managing Director of BUSY At Work, says employment programs like Transition to Work are there to help some of Australia’s most vulnerable youth find a way forward.

“We are passionate about helping young people find meaningful employment, which changes lives. It’s great to hear about kids like Joshua who have been able to find what they want to do, and it’s so rewarding to be part of their journey,” Paul said.

“If you’re looking for help, please get in touch with BUSY today so we can get started.”

Transition to Work is an Australian Government initiative designed to help young people after they have become disengaged from school or are early school leavers. For more information, visit

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